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The Tulips & Tea Baby Wrap Carrier is used to wear your baby against your body, from newborn to 10kg. Baby wearing has numerous benefits for both baby and mommy, or even dad! You can wear your baby in five different ways, adjusting your style, depending on your little one’s age and weight. Wrapping your baby to your body happens in three easy steps. Having a happy and calm baby, whilst having your hands free, saves parents daily!

Why do you need a Tulips & Tea baby wrap? The benefits are endless…
  • A product you use, every day, from birth up until 10kg.
  • A life saver for every busy Mommy or Daddy.
  • It gives you your hands back to continue with daily activities.
  • Supports moms back, promoting excellent posture.
  • One size fit all.
  • Easy to wrap yourself in just 3 steps. Insert your baby in up to 5 different ways to match your daily activities & lifestyle.
  • You can wrap yourself alone and do not need any assistance.
  • You can breastfeed discreetly.
  • Having your baby so close promotes milk production.
  • Baby wearing creates an amazing bonding experience.
  • Your baby will feel close & secure when being close to you. This insures for a happy and calm baby.
  • Baby wearing is soothing and comforting for your baby, because it creates a ‘womb-like’ experience.
  • Safety first. No place as safe as against your own body, especially when doing grocery shopping.
  • Your baby will never miss a nap again.
  • Your baby develops communication and balancing skills faster than other children.
  • Stylish has never been this easy! Baby wearing looks trendy.
  • Your baby wrap covers all the post-maternity love handles.
  • Your baby wrap can be spread open and tightened around your lower waist area to assist in recovery after a c-section.
  • Baby wearing makes it easy to get out of the house with a newborn. Go for a walk and keep your mind clear!
  • Wearing your baby promotes a healthy bond with your little one, as you feel more in control.
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